Once a week I do a real-time on-line event called "Tech Talk Thursday" on Twitch at - Streams start at 8pm (20:00) Eastern Time and last about 90 minutes. Please join us!

I talk about networking, scripting, or game design topics. Folks in the Twitch chat can interact, comment, and ask questions. Recently I have become very interested in the way modern web applications are built. To help with that topic, another Twitch streamer, "pxslip", is joining me on these streams. He is a web developer for a large non-profit organization and has worked for an educational institution in the past.

Replays of each stream are available at the link above for a relatively short time after each broadcast. Full replays and excerpts of specific topics may be found on YouTube (links below).

Upcoming: 2/25/2021:

  • Using Docker containers on cloud services

  • Kubernetes (I hope we finally get there)

Past Broadcasts:

(YouTube Links may be delayed)

Episode 1: 10/22/2020

  • Measuring Internet performance - what does that mean

    • Download speed

    • Upload speed

    • Latency and Jitter

  • iperf3

YouTube Links:

Full Episode:

About Jitter:

Ep. 2 - 10/29/20

  • Iperf wrap-up

    • Pxslip on audio via Discord

  • Code and software development, history and developments.

  • Explore and connect pxslip

  • Chrome developer console (in-browser) - explore the OBS.NINJA site

  • code structure (

YouTube Links:

Ep. 3 - 11/5/20

  • A super-simple JS “hello” app

  • Amazon S3 static hosting

  • Discussion of tool chains/deployment of web based apps

    • Discussion of Electron apps

YouTube Links:

Ep. 4 - 11/12/20

YouTube Links:

Ep. 5 - 11/19/2020

  • We'll take the "Hello World" programs and collect them up in a git repository hosted on github. We'll do most of this from within VS Code.

  • pxslip will start to build the OBS overlay system we have described on the last two streams (the working title is LST - Local Stream Tool).

    • Planning and defining features

    • Getting Electron and View set up

Ep. 6 - 12/3/2020

  • Wireshark overview

  • LST progress:

    • OAUTH

Ep. 7 - 12/10/2020

Ep. 8 - 12/17/2020

Ep. 9 - 1/7/2021

  • HTTPS and Certificates

  • Using Wireshark on encrypted web traffic

  • Examine (encrypted) WebRTC traffic

  • Debugging using Wireshark

  • Debugging tools for Electron and Web applications

Ep. 10: 1/14/2021

Ep. 11: 1/21/2021

  • More on video

  • Encoding/Editing with Shotcut

  • The ffmpeg tools

Ep. 12: 1/28/2021:

  • Follow-up from last week - graphing video bitrates

    • GnuPlot

    • Options using python

    • JS and a static server

  • The more general context:

    • DevOPS and modern software development workflow

    • The GitLab tool

Ep. 13: 2/4/2021:

Ep. 14: 2/11/2021:

  • WebRTC - a look at some of the standards documents

    • See references in Ep. 13

  • Docker and Kubernetes deployment

    • Deploying iperf servers in docker containers using pre-made containers.

Ep. 15: 2/18/2021:

  • Docker deployment

    • Customizing a container for our needs.