Dr. Hans Kruse, Professor Emeritus of Emerging Communication Technologies

Welcome! This page is a collection of documents, info, and links about things I have a professional interest in. Use the navigation bar at the top to select a general topic and feel free to browse!

I retired from the McClure School at Ohio University (links at the bottom of the page) at the end of June, 2020, having served as a professor and department chair (and in a few other administrative positions).

About the resources suggested here:

    • When I purchase a book, I tend to go for an electronic version, both for the convenience and the cost savings. Amazon Kindle is my platform of choice.

    • Many resources on this site are available free on-line.

    • Many of the books that are not free are on the Proquest "Safari" site. If you have access to an institutional subscription (OU faculty, staff, and students do), check it out! In OU's case you search for the book in the library catalog, the search result will have the link to the online resource. You can also buy an individual membership.