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Windows 10 Enterprise Updating

1. What version of windows is currently running?

Open old style Windows Start Menu and select run option, type "winver" (without quotes) and press enter or click OK.
In Standard Windows 10 Start Menu type in "winver" and it will appear.

2. Winver is an application that displays the current version of Windows.

This dialog shows the current running version of Windows. In this case it's Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709. The 1709 denotes the year and month the annual update was released. In this case Sept 2017. Similar to Ubuntu's version number scheme.

Issue: Windows 10 Enterprise PCs (like those at the Ohio University, but NOT in peoples homes) do not automatically pickup the Windows 10 annual updates. Once a machine has missed two annual updates MS stops building for that version of Windows 10. The user runs the Updater and sees no updates leading the user to believe that the system is "up to date" when that's not the case.

Ohio University uses a Microsoft service called System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that will advertise and/or push updates to university owned machines. ITS faculty/staff machines should be using this system.

The annual updates can take 2+ hours to install. In an attempt to limit the chaos this would create if pushed to users machines these updates are advertised in SCCM. Users are advised to go out when convenient for them and run the update. As the update can take a long time it's suggested that the process be started when the machine will be allowed to run with out being shutdown for a long period of time. There will likely be post-updates dialog boxes for the user to answer after the update and possibly post-update patches.

SCCM Windows 10 Enterprise Annual update process

1. Open Start menu go to Microsoft System Center and open the application "Software Center".
Old style Windows Start Menu
 Windows 10 standard Start Menu

2. Once open select Updates from the left side.

3. Select the update by clicking on "Feature update to Windows 10...". The following (or something similar) should be displayed.

4. Start the update by clicking on the Install button. You will receive a confirmation dialog. To continue click the Install button.

5. Once the install is started and running the dialog will change to this.

6. The update will run in the background, even if the application is closed. However, by leaving it open the progress of the update can be tracked. When the update is finished the dialog will change to show a reboot option. Downloading and prepping the update may take 2+ hours depending on the PC's hardware.

7. After the reboot the update will grind as it installs the remainder of the update. The PC may reboot a few times. This process may take 2+ hours depending on the PC's hardware.
8. When the PC is ready login. After login Windows will update the user profile. This process can take 5-10 mins depending on the PC's hardware.
9. The normal desktop should appear at this point. The Windows update process may have additional patches that should run automatically. Please ask if you have any issues or questions. Thanks for your patience!