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vSwitches and DPortGroups

vSwitches are virtual switches that vCenter/ESXi uses to connect all the together VMs NICs. It then uses the physical NIC on the host as the uplink port on the vSwitch. Inside the switches are port groups that are used by different VLANs to segregate traffic.

How to create a Port Group on a Distributed vSwtich:
  1. In the web interface open the "Networking" view.
  2. Select the "ITS - dvSwitch". This is the Distributed Virtual Switch that spans all of the hosts in our vCenter.
  3. Right-Click on "ITS - dvSwitch" and in the context menu select "New Distributed Port Group"

  4. The "New Distributed Port Group" wizard will start and ask for a name for the group. (Suggest: "Group X - DPortGroup") The default options for the configuration will be fine.
  5. Click finish on the wizard and the port group is created.