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Basic infrastructure in VMware environment to start testing. To make this work you will need to access our environment via the web.


Use your OHIO ID without the @ohio.edu
Use your OHIO password to login

(Click on images to make them bigger if needed)

Leaving you at this page.

Click on the "VMs and Templates" icon

Begin opening the tree structure by clicking on the > next to the folder headings

Selecting a VM will allow you to modify the properties (including reverting Snapshots). BE CAREFUL NOT EVERYTHING HERE WILL BE YOUR VM! Make sure to only modify something that is your responsibility.

Most controlling actions can be done via the right-click context menu. By right-clicking on the VM you will see options that aren't normally show in the interface (Why? I have not idea).

To revert a machine to a previous snapshot right-click, select "Snapshots sub-menu and select "Manage Snapshots"

Select the snaphot you wish to revert to and select "Revert To" button.

It's very likely that the snapshot was taken of the VM while it wasn't running. Once the snap is reverted you may need to start the VM (see right-click context menu for options).