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vCenter Access

Use these instructions to gain access to virtual machines that have not been attached to the network, that need to be restarted, or that need changes in their resource allocations. (Click on any image to open a larger version).

You will need a browser that supports Adobe Flash. Browse to: "itsvc.ohio.edu on port 9443"; you will need to tell your browser to accept the self-signed security certificate for that server. You should end up on the login screen:

Log in with your Ohio ID – note that you need to enter your ID as "ohio\my000000" instead of just the ID.
You should arrive at the home screen:

Click on the VMs and Templates link that is highlighted in the image above. Expand the list on the left until you can see the ITS 6900 machines (most everything else will be empty since you do not have access rights to most of the infrastructure).

On this screen you can change a number of settings for your VM; in most cases you do not want to do that unless you know exactly what you are doing. Also, you can access other machines in the class, so make very sure that the one you are working is the one you intended to point at. In the image above, machine S01 for Team 1 has been selected.
Clicking the "Launch Console" link will open a new tab or window that connects you to the machine as if you were sitting in front of a real system.  This is were you would start; log in from the console, change the password from the default if needed, and configure the network stack.
As shown below, the "Actions" menu contains commands that you can issue against the virtual machine, most notably you can start, stop, and restart the machine.