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RDP Gateway

Authentication will be done using your OHIO ID and PW.

The use of this service will create an encrypted tunnel between your client and the RD Gateway machine. Using the tunnel the client can then use Remote Desktop Protocol (RPD) to remotely connect and login to another windows machine.

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Using RD Gateway in Windows
1. Start the Remote Desktop Connection client

2. Click the "Show Options" button.

3. Go to "Advanced" tab. In the section labeled "Connect from anywhere" click on the "Settings..." button.

4. For "Server name:" enter its-s15.its.ohio.edu

  • For "Logon method:" select "Ask for password (NTLM)".
  • Do NOT check the box labeled "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer" unless you are connecting from an ohio.edu Active Directory computer.
  • Click the OK button to accept options.
5. Click on the General tab.
  • On General tab "Computer:" enter the IP address of the windows computer to connect to (see picture).
  • For the "User name:" specify a valid user on the remote system being connected to.
  • NOTE: To logon as the LOCAL Administrator account specify "local\administrator" (see picture).
  • Click on the "Connect" button to start the connection

6. The first time you connect to the RD Gateway you will be prompted for credentials. You will need to use your OHIO ID and PW for this. You may check the box "Remember my credentials" if you wish.

7. You will then be prompted for credentials for accessing the remote computer. The user name you specified on the General tab will be filled in for the username. Provide the password for that user and press the OK button.